Game Pass Is Winning E3

Xbox/Bethesda conference just happened and I’ve never been more happy to be a Game Pass subscriber. Not only for the 1st party games they have baking in the oven, are there are a few; or the games coming this year day and date (see pic below); or even the several Bethesda games announced added to Game Pass today; it’s because I can now have watercooler moments in games with all my friends much, much more often.

Since we’re all game pass subscribers, we can all get hyped for something without feeling weary of spending $60+ for a game we may only play for a day. That buyer’s apprehension isn’t there, so now we can get hyped for something and if it doesn’t hit, we move on. And then we have games nobody had on our radar and it becomes the new hit.

Knockout City, for example, was one such game. I had heard about it but never thought about even trying it. It seemed like a cool concept but nothing I would pay to try. Then I heard it was going to be on Game Pass and instantly started looking forward to the release. When it finally came out, I discovered it was actually a solid multiplayer game. Due to my friends having Game Pass already, it was real easy to talk my friends into trying it. We were all playing by the weekend and loving it. Getting more and more of our friends in it as well.

Today’s press conference brought a bunch of moments to not only get me excited for the future of Xbox, but more specifically Game Pass. As I am able to try all of them with my friends with no more of a financial investment than what I’m paying already for Game Pass.

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